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Covers any drilling activity that searches to explore and define sub-surface geological conditions.

This can range from near surface explorations for engineering purposes through to deep boreholes for mineral/resource evaluation, deep storage for nuclear waste, gas storage and so on.

This section of the industry often employs and deploys sophisticated techniques and equipment to gain additional information, such as "Packer Tests" to ascertain permeability.

All drilling activities recover samples of one kind or another, both for identification and often for further testing at specialist laboratories.

Product Sections: Rotary Drill Bits, Drill Pipe, Subs, DTH Hammers, DTH Bits, Extension Equipment, Cable Percussion Drilling,  In-Situ Sampling and Testing, Coring Equipment, Packer Equipment, Casing, Casing Systems, Drilling Fluids, Lubricants, Plastic Pipe, Hand Tools, Miscellaneous.

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