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As the quest to reduce "Greenhouse Gases" and increase the exploitation of "Renewable Energy Sources" gathers pace to meet UK and International targets a whole new industry has sprung up.

Widely referred to as "Geothermal Energy" it is more accurately "Ground Source Heat Extraction", although there is also an increase in true Geothermal activity which utilises ultra deep boreholes to harness the heat created at depth by the Earth's core.

 Ground Source Heat has long been common in Scandinavian countries, but recently has shown tremendous growth in new areas, particularly other European countries.

Whilst there are a number of ways of harnessing this energy resource, the drilling of boreholes and the installation of heat loops seems to be the method of choice as it creates the minimum of disruption, of great importance for retro installed systems.

Whilst there is a great deal of specialist equipment needed to harness the energy, the drillling process really is no different to any other method.

Clever marketing by some manufacturers would lead you to believe that some machines and equipment have been solely created for this particular market, but as any driller will tell you a rig has to perform two basic functions: "Go round and round and up and down".

The secret to success in this sector of our industry is the speed of rod handling in and out of the borehole and a rapid set up time between boreholes. Everything else is controlled by the geology.

So in essence we can supply you with all the equipment you need to drill your "Ground Source Heat" boreholes, including drilling fluids and heat conducting grouts, which help maximise the energy extraction from the ground.

So if you are in or contemplating entering the "Ground Source Heat" drilling industry then please make sure you call us for impartial advice.

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