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Introducing T-WiZ – up to 30% longer service life

Atlas Copco has launched the latest in T-thread drilling systems - the T-WiZ range. It may look a lot like its predecessor, but that's where the similarities end. The new drill string, with its combination of T-WiZ Speedrods and T-WiZ shank adapters, offers up to 30% longer service life. Which means fewer rod changes and more productivity per shift.

Secoroc T-WiZ

Wear out before breakage
T-WiZ is a tough thread system thanks to the greater thread stability. In fact, it's robust enough to prevent product breakage in the blast hole. Which means a shift in focus from all those time-consuming rod and shank changes to maintaining a much leaner stock.
Boosts bench and production drilling
Regardless of assignment - underground, in surface mines or on construction sites - the difference is considerable. There's no better way to work through tough formations and fractured rock. And, since it's the toughest T-thread system on the market, T-WiZ features greater thread stability and quicker rod changes.
Trumps the competition
T-WiZ translates into a very real boost in productivity. Thanks to the increase in capacity, it drills more holes per shift, opening up the possibility of quicker blasting and a more rapid advance. With lower labor costs, minimized stock, less administration - not to mention fewer rods and shanks in circulation - T-WiZ helps drillers stay on top of their projects.
The range
This brand new drilling system comes in three dimensions - the T38-WiZ, T45-WiZ and
T51-WiZ Speedrods and shank adapters designed for extension or drifting drill strings.
Naturally, Secoroc's comprehensive range of top hammer bits matches the T-WiZ drilling rods to perfection - with the added benefit of being easier to release and change.