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We are really simple people here at H&F Drilling Supplies Ltd and our sole aim in life is to make your hole life easier.

When you visit our website it makes us so happy, but because the internet sometimes gets abused by certain unscrupulous people we have to make sure that our site is a safe place for you to be.

If you do contact us you can rest assured that any information you share with us will remain safe inside our walls and we have Big Colin to look after things like that.

We don't use cookies, as we are not clever enough, so no worries there, but some of the links in our website may take you to websites that do use cookies, so make sure you take a look at their terms and conditions and satisfy yourself that all is OK.

We will never pass on your information to any third-party, unless you specifically tell us to, as we are a jealous bunch and loathed to share our friends, which is what you are.

We try and ensure that all the information you read on our site is as accurate as it can be, but we all make mistakes and life is constantly changing, so sometimes there will be errors, so just tread carefully if you use any information you find on our site and if there is something that you strongly disagree with, then give us a call so we can put it right (if we are wrong).

As you can tell, what little intellect we possess, we are very keen to protect, so if you feel an overwhelming desire to plagiarise our site, please try and spare us a thought before you do.

That's about it, but if we missed anything just let us know. 

And finally a little bit of legal information:

H&F Drilling Supplies Ltd Part of the Atlas Copco group.

Registered Offices:

16a Cunningham Road, Springkerse Industrial Estate, Stirling. FK7 7SW. Scotland

Registered in Scotland No: 96550

Company Directors are: John Henderson, Kevin Mallin and Craig Stevenson.

Company Secretary: Craig Stevenson.

Our VAT Registration Number is: 400 858 568

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